Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm Number One!!!

My oldest daughter, Anna (14), and her friends are planning a trip to the movies this weekend to see Prince Caspian. They were all told that the only way they could go is if an adult went wih them. Teenagers that they are they planned to have someone's older cousin be their chaperone. The problem is she's only 19 and some parents were not totally comfortable about that. So, they were discussing their dilema at lunch today and one of Anna's friends said, "We could ask Anna's dad to come. He's not that bad."

Apparently I am the least embarrasing parent in the group. I rock!

(Editor's note: According to Anna my blogging about this has cost me the title of least embarrasing, but I don't believe her because none of her friend's are un-cool enough to actually read this blog.)