Sunday, August 19, 2007

Looking back on the road

Did we miss something? As we've journeyed back to Catholicism that's one of several questions Lisa and I have struggled with. Sometimes it seems like we were on this ten year detour just to end up where we left.

Before leaving the Church Lisa and I were very active and involved in ministry. I have a degree in theology from the Franciscan University. I was working as a religion teacher at a Catholic high school in MI and actviely involved in youth ministry for the diocese on the side. I was planning a career in the Church, hoping to land a diocesan level position in faith formation or as a principal. Part of me looks back at the last ten years & I have to wonder what might have been if we had stuck with it.

Then again, "God works all things together..." We've learned much and gained a greater, deeper appreciation for both Catholicism and the wider Body of Christ. I've been blessed with good, well paying jobs--more than full time ministry pays--that has given us the ability to pay off debt (from our ministry years). Most importantly, I think our journey has given us the chance to understand who we are, and now we can be true to ourselves.

People have asked us why we've decided to go back to Rome. The simple answer is that it's who we are, who we've always been. I've been watching My Big fat greek Wedding on TV while typing this. At the end of the movie the main character, Tula, says that she came to the realization that her family was big and loud, but they were her family & would alsways be there for her. I think that is part of the realization that I've had during this process. She may have her warts but Rome is my home, my family & it's where I belong.


Joyful Catholics said...

I am moved to tears, because I share your joy. Glad you're back in the arms of Holy Mother Church. She's never let me down, and welcomed me back after I'd put her down,in sometimes willful ignorance.

Bless you!


onionboy said...

"Part of me looks back at the last ten years & I have to wonder what might have been if we had stuck with it." But then you answer yourself well in the very next paragraph. :) God does have purpose in everything. I find that truth easier advice to give than to receive.

I had some stuff I am facing right now that makes it easy to forget this truth, so I always appreciate and need the reminder. Thanks for the reminder.

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