Sunday, January 6, 2008

Yep, We're Catholic

and now...

Baby #4 is due this summer. Please pray for Lisa to have a safe & uneventful pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Tom and Lisa. You will be in our prayers.

Bernie Hassan

Will Young said...

T/L...I'm happy for you all. Hope things are well.

If ya'll are ever in the 727 give me a holler we'll get together for some sandwiches or something.

Man Clare is getting big. Tell everyone I said hello!

Theology Geek said...

Tom and Lisa,

Congrat's!!! You guys are definitely in our prayers. The girls are getting so old. It's hard to believe.

I have been enjoying your blog. I had searched for you guys online a number of times in the past few years, then Bernie clued me in on your blog last fall. I'd love to hear from you guys.

Pax et Bonum!

Craig King