Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Reflections

Well the kids are in bed & the in-laws have gone home. I'm sitting on my porch enjoying a quiet Florida spring night by candlelight with a nice glass of wine. I guess it's a good time to reflect on Easter 2008.

This was our first Easter since coming back to the Catholic Church. Every year I would always miss being Catholic at this time of the year. There's just something about celebrating the Triduum that ministers to my soul. I would try to recreate as much of it as possible with our home church. In fact, it was just last year when our community was featured on the front page of our newspaper (and in a related story on our local cable news channel) for their Easter Sunday edition. However, nothing I put together could compare with the beauty of the Triduum liturgy.

It's really one liturgy in three acts celebrated from Holy Thursday night to the Easter Vigil. I love how the different liturgical acts--including the appearance of the church itself--invite us to re-live Jesus' final moments and his resurrection. While speaking with my dad today he said. "If you don't attend the Vigil, it's like you haven't really experienced Easter." I couldn't agree more.

Of course last night was made all the more special because I was the sponsor for Jacob, a single guy from our former community, as he was baptized and confirmed. Our two oldest daughters also made their First Communion last night as well. It's like we've finally truly completed our journey back to Catholicism.


yakobus said...

From another perspective, i've been missing the triduum and majesty of the celebration all of my Christian life. There are the uaual passion plays and prolonged invitation sermons which puts you mostly at an "outsider looking in" position, nothing that helped me to believe that i'm living this story. i'm eternally greatful.

Tom Mohan said...

Nice. I would go to Vigil every year but I have teenagers.

+ Alan said...

We did the whole Triduum this year. First time I've done that in a long time, I hear you on that. It was basically good. The most unpleasant thing was dealing with kids and their attitudes. I honestly didn't remember the Vigil Mass being soooooooo looooong - boy it was too, like 3hrs and 20min! Yee ha!